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More than just saving money. There are loads of draws throughout the year. AND you choose where to spend the winnings! See the Merchant Member page for all the choices. 

All registered cardholders are automatically entered in the Cardholder Draws. Thanks to our sponsors (above)! 

Winners are chosen using a random number generator. 

Show your LOCAL Pride

Display your Grand Bend Locals Decal on your vehicle.

Get Spotted and WIN!

Each month, one vehicle will be announced.

Winner will receive a LOCALS' Shirt & a $25 Gift Certificate for Shoppers Drug Mart.

Decals available at Impressions on Main St. 

$5 or FREE with current Locals Card


Get your name on winners list...

Upcoming Cardholder Draws ($100 Winner's Choice)

June Sponsor -  Grand Bend Dental

July Sponsor - Grand Bend No Frills

August Sponsor - Grand Bend Legion

September Sponsor - GB & LS Living Magazine

Draws every month PLUS more Bonus Dates! 


Recent Winners:

$100 Spend Doreen McGillivray - tbd

OPENING DAY GIVEAWAY Justin Randell Denny's

OPENING DAY GIVEAWAY Sue Lewis & Ann Robertson Dairy Dip

OPENING DAY GIVEAWAY Wendy Ryan Impressions

OPENING DAY GIVEAWAY Xavier Boogemans Impressions

OPENING DAY GIVEAWAY Jim McCann Pinery Market Breakfast

OPENING DAY GIVEAWAY Kate Gill Willies Beach Bar

OPENING DAY GIVEAWAY Ann Robertson Dairy Dip

OPENING DAY GIVEAWAY Justin Randell Denny's Drive In


OPENING DAY GIVEAWAY Ken Buchanan Growling Gator

OPENING DAY GIVEAWAY Tracey Waddell La Playita

$100 Spend Lorraine Stubbert chose tbd

$100 Spend Donna Voigt chose No Frills

$100 Spend Joanne Sadler chose Westland Greenhouses

$100 Spend Krista Merkley chose Westland Greenhouses

Early Bird Draw Amanda Pittao $50 CANCO Gas Card & $100 Tipsy Pelican

Gerry Roeder $25 Lake Hound Gift Card & Locals apparel

$100 Spend Cheryl Willcock chose No Frills

$100 Spend Vanessa Vandenburg chose No Frills

$100 Spend John A Scott chose tbd

$100 Spend Danielle Lush chose No Frills

$100 Spend Kevin Zehr chose GreenBucks

$100 Spend Craig Hardwicke chose No Frills

$100 Spend  Jeff Baker chose Westland Greenhouses

$100 Spend Kathryn Desjardine chose In Focus Eyecare

$100 Spend Pat Lane chose Tipsy Pelican

$100 Spend Marketa Mackenzie chose Westland Greenhouses

$100 Spend Jim Kummer chose Westland Greenhouses

$100 Spend Diane Parker chose The Tipsy Pelican

$100 Spend Jullie Godwin chose Canco Gas

$100 Spend Alan Hildebrand chose RONA

$100 Spend Maddy Tambosso chose No Frills

$100 Spend Ed Krohm chose Canco Gas

$100 Spend Mark Pedlar chose No Frills

$100 Spend Theresa Santandrea-Cull chose Westland & Highway Girl

$100 Spend Patti Clarke chose The Tipsy Pelican

$100 Spend Pam Leavitt chose GreenBucks

$100 Spend Olia Dallimore chose Highway Girl Cafe

$100 Spend Dulcie Watson chose Tipsy Pelican

$100 Spend David Marr chose RONA

$100 Spend Kathryn Gooch chose RONA

$100 Spend Marlene Shewan chose Highway Girl

$100 Spend Anne McElhone chose Shoppers Drug Mart

$100 Spend Julian Sabatos chose tbd

$100 Spend Rita Hodkinson chose No Frills

$100 Spend Sandra Norris chose No Frills

$100 Spend Maryann Carey chose Westland Greenhouses

$100 Mother's Day Spend Susan Beneteau chose No Frills

$100 Spend Pearl Haggarty chose Shoppers Drug Mart

$100 Local Spend Troy Patterson chose No Frills

$100 Local Spend Todd Sullivan chose Westland Greenhouses

$100 Local Spend James Neville chose The Tipsy Pelican

$100 Local Spend Lorraine Angus chose GreenBucks & Westland 

Kids Easter Art Contest: Alexis, Mady, Caleb, Lola, Eden, Jordyn, Sara & Riley

$100 Local Spend Chris Ingratta Merchant of Choice Metanoia

$100 Local Spend Gail Buss Merchant of Choice No Frills

$100 Local Spend William McDougall Merchant of Choice No Frills

2021 Locals Calendar - Nan Brooks, Mary Wright & Jeff Fitchett

$100 GreenBucks Spend #snapitwrapit Mandy White

Sue's Creative Touches $50 Spend #snapitwrapit: Brenda Couckuyt 

Tipsy Pelican $25 Spend #snapitwrapit: Betty Pietryszyn

$100 Local Spend: Sandra Isaac Merchant of Choice: RONA

$100 Local Spend: Peter Haist Merchant Choice: In Focus Eyecare

$100 Local Spend: Danielle Allen Merchant Choice: Country Market Gas

$100 Local Spend: Leo Bax Merchant Choice: The Lake Hound

$100 Local Spend: Lana Shelton-Seys Merchant Choice: Paddington's Pub

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